How To Learn Coding On Your Own

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Hello, guys once again thank you so much for read our article in this article I will try to guide you How To Learn Coding On Your Own.

So, let’s get started

Hey, if you want to learn coding then firstly you have to understand the truth behind this statement.

How to learn coding on your own” learning of code is not a rocket science, the one and only thing behind to learn and do any thing in this universe is your interest and dedication to your interest.

Coding is interesting thing and it is possible to learn on your own. Coding required these qualities logical, mathematical and computational thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity.

If you think that you are a person who have all these qualities then you can easily learn coding by yourself otherwise you should do more hard work on it but, always remember nothing is impossible.

So, without wasting your important time I want to give you some best recommendation to learn coding faster.

@How to learn coding on your own?

Let’s suppose you want to learn PHP

Now, you have to make a plan for learning PHP. First you should decide how many days you can spend on learning this language.

Now, divide your days on these below parameters

How To Learn Coding On Your Own?

How To Learn Coding On Your Own

Day 1: Go to internet. Search about it. read it. (you will get an overall idea)

Day 2: Either find free course on YouTube. And Explore it.

Day 3.: Explore and Learn concepts.

Day 4: Start making SMALL programs

Day 5: Continue with doing SMALL programs

Day 6: Start a simple project with ADD/EDIT/DELETE/Display listing operations.

Day 7: work on project. Complete it.

Day 8: Try to check your code and think how more efficiently you can write it.

Day 9: Hurrah! You got overall idea of web project and how to do it also learnt a new language.

Day 10: Conduct a test by yourself for analyzing your skills and make Skill matrix chart in which you should mention the thinking and the knowledge of yours from 1st day to 10th day and then analyze it again.

You will definitely find changes in your skills and these changes is the signal of your journey “Your journey was started”.

Hey, most important thing you have to understand before learning any language, if you try to learn coding from books so, you have to think that books only give you a direction and you have to decide yourself that how you can achieved your goal.

Always remember Implementation is very important factor to learn anything.

So, take a paper and make your plan Now!

I hope this article will help you to put your first step in the world of coding Welcome….

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Thank you so much😊

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