How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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As we know that technology has changed our lives completely. So In this article, I will try to explain to you How Technology Has Changed Our Lives.

Now a day’s where we see technology shows their presence. Everyone in this universe is busy with technology. No anyone can imagine surviving without technology just because technology solved many problems of human which they face in their daily life.

Before I explain to you that How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

I think you have to understand a little bit about What Is Technology?

So, let’s begin with this topic.

What Is Technology?

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

The term technology comes from the Greek word “Techne” which means art and craft.

The term “Technology” is very wide and everyone has their own way of understanding and that’s why everyone tries to understand them in their own meaning.

But the basic is “technology is the application of scientific knowledge” which humans use to resolve their problems or hurdles which they face in their lives.

I believe that technology solves many problems that’s why we use it and also, we always encourage all those peoples who work on that type of things.

I hope after learning this stuff now you can easily understand the basics of technology.

So, let’s move on our main topic “How Technology Has Changed Our Lives ”

I will try to explain this topic through some changes which technology did.


#1 Way Of Education

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technology changes the method of education and the way of learning through their presence.

Before technology, we always worry about our education because we do not have computer and internet access. Even we can’t imagine that this type of things will exist in future.  

But now a day technology resolves this problem and we have computer and internet which helps us in our education. Almost every third person pursue their education through distance learning.

Because if he belongs from any of those areas where quality education not available.

Now, he has an option to pursue their higher education from those Universities which provides distance learning education.

So, Technology solves the problem in the face of Computer and Internet.


#2 Way Of Doing Business

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Every businessman just wants one thing sales sales and sales….Because no sale no profit if no profit then no business.

So, how technology solve this problem of businessmen?

E-Commerce Yes, the technology of e-commerce looks like an angel for businessmen because we know e-commerce gives a big opportunity to businessmen to shows their presence in the eyes of world customers.

Through e-commerce platform, any business can expand faster.

And this is a very cheapest way to promote your product as well increase your sales because after adding e-commerce system in your business the world is your customer you can easily sell your product to any customer from all of the worlds.


#3 Way Of Communication

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

We know before technology adaption the way of communication is very lazy and time-consuming. Because at that time if we want to communicate with any person from all over the world we need to send him a letter through the post to communicate with them which take several days.

So, Technology solves this problem through Mobile.

Now you can easily communicate with any person from all around the world in second’s through Call or Messaging.


So, That’s How Technology Has Changed Our Lives .


I know if technology helps human to solve their problem but somewhere technology is also a cause of producing some bad habits.

Like now in these days peoples have addictions of Smartphones and serve their time on a Social Media platform.

Also, students waste their important time on these types of activities because this time is very important for their education. This time is very important for students but they can’t realize it which is good or which is bad for them.


I hope technology serve their best and we will do our best.


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