Computer Understand Which Language

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In this article, I will explain you the very basic but very important topic Computer Understand Which Language?

So, let’s begin!

We use computers almost in all fields of this universe because computer helps human a lot. Now, here one question is arising that Computer is intelligent?

The answer is NO! computer is not intelligent because the human makes computer and computer only perform those tasks which human tells him to perform.

So, here another question is arising if computer performs all those tasks which we tell him to do but we speak English, Urdu, Japanese, French etc.

So, how computer understand our languages?

The computer doesn’t understand any above language. The computer only understands Machine Language (Low-Level Language) which is based on O’s and 1’s (Zero and Ones).

Machine Language – Low-Level Language

Computer Understand Which Language

Every creation of this universe has its own language. Likewise, the computer has a language that is called Machine Language (Machine Level Language) for instructing a computer to perform a specific task.

It is also called Binary Language because it is the language of 0’s and 1’s (zeros and ones), means every instruction in Machine language consists of a series of 0’s and 1’s (binary code) that a computer can understand and execute directly.

Each Machine language statement corresponds to one machine action.

An operation that requires one machine language instruction in one computer may require several instructions in another computer.

Each computer has its own unique machine language.

Wait! If you want to understand the whole concept of Machine language then you have to understand this one also.

Source Program Vs Object Program

Computer understand which languageVS 



A program written in any language except the Machine language is called Source Program.

Like C, C++, Java, .Net etc.…

A Source program which converted into Machine language is called Object Program.

Why Do We Need To Convert A Source Code into Machine Code?

As we discuss above computer only understand machine Language then if we want a computer to perform our tasks then we have to give it instructions in Object Code.

We have to convert our Source Code into Machine (Object) Code in order to execute.

How Can We Convert A Source Code Into Machine Code?

If we want to convert any particular language into another language then we need a translator.

Let’s assume If you understand English and you are going to Japan for any business purpose so definitely you need a translator who can translate your language to Japanese and Japanese to English.

That’s how for convert Source Code into Machine Code we need a translator which we called a “Compiler”.

The compiler is a translator, which converts high level “Source” program into low level “Object” program. It translates the whole program at once and gives an error list to be removed.

So, friend that’s how Computer Understand Which Language…

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