China Futuristic Transport Technology Which Became Reality

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In this article we will talk about China Futuristic Transport Technology Which Became Reality. A city in china has launched a test run for a futuristic urban transport system that’s being called the world’s first smart train described as a cross between a train.

Tram and bus the autonomous rail rapid transit is a 32-meter electric vehicle that runs at a maximum speed of 70 Kilo meter per hour.This is equipped with sensors to help it read row dimensions as it travels along a virtual track made up of dotted white lines painted on the road.

The smart train has three carriages and is capable to carrying 300 passengers. The self driving systems using rubber tires instead of steal wheels and can travel up to 25 kilo meters after a 10 minutes charge at the moments the train traverses.

A 3.1 kilo meter route traveling through four stations in the city of JoJo in the country’s Hunan province. A longer route is being planed with the transport system aiming to eventually expand to other cities.

Here’s the future of public transportation in china.

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